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Sensitive Tummy Dog Treat Sampler

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While all our treats are very healthy and very low in fat, the Sensitive Tummy Sampler contains all the flavours that have practically no fat and contain no liver or richer ingredients. But they are not bland! If you have a pup that can only have low or no fat foods, then these might be a perfectly wonderful new treat option. These are suitable for dogs and puppies of all ages and sizes and all the treats can be broken into pieces for use in enrichment toys or snuffle mats.

Included in the selection are treat flavours listed below.

* Honey & Ginger Infused Chicken 50g x 2 bags
* Chicken & Salmon 25g
* Chicken, Mango & Coconut 25g
* Salmon & Sweet Potato 25g
Jerky Chompers are 100% handmade by me and contain no preservatives, artificial flavours or colours and have no added salt or sugar. Your Chomper treats will last many weeks in the refrigerator and as each Chomper is individually hand made in small batches there may be variations in colour, dimensions and texture between deliveries.
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