Frequently Asked Questions

What is TEM?

TEM is the abbreviation for “Telecom Expense Management” or “Technology Expense Management”. It was born out of the desire for enterprises to get a better handle on their technology assets and services. As the technology landscape has evolved, it is now used as a way to manage all voice, data, internet, wireless and cloud services.

What does your free consultation find?

Our comprehensive free consultation gives you a high-level overview and look into the immediate action items we have found that could be done to save your company money. We also include an estimate of how much we anticipate we could save you if you moved forward with our services.

Why do I need a technology cost audit?

Technology cost auditing is usually a low priority for most of our clients and their IT staff, but can be an extremely effective way to save money and put it towards other department projects. After all, do you really want to spend the time and resources gaining an in-depth understanding of complex tax and tariff codes, fees and surcharges, usage analysis, and contract compliance? We have the years of experience behind us to ensure you only pay for the technology network services you need and have the best negotiated rates possible.

Can't my technology/telecom provider clean up my bills for free?

To put it simply, your technology provider has ZERO financial incentive to help you clean up your bills. In fact, they prefer you didn't ask them because lowering the amount of your bill not only lowers their monthly income but it actually lowers the sales commission for your representative. On the other hand, we ONLY get paid if we find and save you money.

Who is the best person in my company to talk with to get started?

We work both the executives and the IT Department staff to create a full scale understanding from the executive level down to the lower level IT personnel. But rest assured, we work behind the scenes to find ways to save you money without disrupting your workflow or taking too much of the staff’s time and resources.

Who have you worked with in my industry or of similar company size?

We have worked with all major industries and companies of all sizes. From Fortune 100 companies to a classified small business with under 250 employees.

What documents do I need to submit to get started?

We send you a checklist of all of the items we need in order to get started. That way we can track and make sure we have all documentation needed before getting started to prevent delays. The items on that list include:

1. Non-Disclosure Agreement (we sign your document for your privacy).

2. Our Master Service Agreement (if you decide to use our services with or without a free consultation).

3. Letter of Authorization to all of your technology providers.

4. 3 months worth of all technology bills (voice, data, internet, wireless, cloud, etc.)

5. Copies of all service agreements with primary carriers, service providers or vendors.

6. Copies of any network diagrams (voice and data).

How do I send you the documents?

We prefer electronically, by email or file share. Email them directly to your consultant or to

How fast will I see my return on investment?

There are no up-front costs and you will always be in control of any changes or recommendations. After you begin to see the savings reflected on your bills, you pay us a portion of what you’ve saved and you keep the rest. Leaving it up to you to decide what you want to do with your new influx of cash!

How does your fee structure work?

Our fee structure is 100% based on our success for you. We provide a fast turnaround and ROI for all of our clients. Our free consultation is just that, FREE, with no obligation to use our services. Plus, if don't find any savings for you, you won't pay us.

Will we need another audit in the future? If so, how soon after?

We recommend a "health check up" one year after our services are complete. During that time, we will make sure your service providers have "behaved" and didn't try to pull a fast one on you over that last year. With technology being ever-changing, major decisions can be made within 3 months time. Which in turn changes your network and billing. So if you feel like 1 year is too long, contact us and we can check in sooner.

I've done a technology/telecom audit before and didn't get great results. How are you different?

Most companies promise that they can save you 15-25%. That being said, it doesn't provide the "wow factor" you may have been looking for when you signed up for their services. At TMC, our 33-year average is 42% up to 92%. Not many companies can say they have that high of an average.

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