What's So Special About Jerky Chompers?

Each of our gourmet dog and cat Chomper treats are individually hand made in small batches. Our Jerky, KittyCat and Gourmet Chomper ranges are made from minced meats mixed with a variety of aromatic and flavoursome ingredients. They are then cooked in a dehydrator for between 7 and 18 hours. This non-traditional jerky method results in a treat that smells irresistible to most pets and tastes totally delicious. 

Our Chewy Chomper treats are made using sliced chicken breast, marinated for 24 hours, and sprinkled with herbs before drying for several hours. These are a traditional jerky with a chewier finish and are perfect for dogs of all sizes.

We only use human-grade raw ingredients; locally produced where possible, and home grown herbs when available. There are no artificial colours or flavours, and no added salt, sugar or preservatives, so you can be confident that you are giving your pets a healthy and wholesome treat.

We also record the batch numbers of our products so in the event an ingredient is recalled by the manufacturer we are able to quickly review our stock and alert any customers who have purchased items from that batch.

As each Chomper is individually hand made in small batches there may be variations in colour, dimensions and texture between deliveries. Chompers also vary in size and texture between flavours, and each flavour will dry differently according to fat content and various external factors such as humidity. Our Chompers all start off the same size but shrink during the drying process as moisture and fat are removed. The chicken and fish based Chompers shrink the least and are quite a crispy treat, while the fattier meat flavours tend to shrink more but are denser in texture and weight.

Ingredients for our Chompers are listed in the product description of each flavour in the

online store.

Your Chomper treats will last many weeks in the refrigerator.